Thursday, October 28, 2021

Return of a Son

 Return of a Son

Return of a Son- International title


A 2014 Scottish short film production [Tranquility Wild West Town, NRR Production

Producer: Alistair Baranowski

Director: Paul Vernon

Story: Alistair Baranowski

Screenplay: Alistair Baranowski

Cinematography: [color]

Music: Freeplay Music. Gregoire Lourme, Long Desert Cowboy, Pepe Fras, Premium

      Music, Purple Planet Music

Running time: 21 minutes


Dave Alexaander. Alistair Baranowski, William Beaton, Atholl Buchan, Gregor Cameron, Ryan Hamilton, John Haram, Patrick Haram, Michael Lorsong, Russell McBlain, Brendan Moir, Bruce Patterson, Stewart Patterson, Cameron Lawie Ross, Gerald Salen. Kyle Schimanski, John De Sykes

Master of arms – John Haram


Story: A son returns home to help his father out on his struggling farm. When some bank robbers arrive in town to cause mayhem and kidnap the Marshal's boy it is down to Jesse Behan and his father to save the day.


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[submitted by Gary Williams]

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