Saturday, December 19, 2020

Who Are Those Composers ~ Ana Satrova

 Ana Martha Satrova Torres was born in Argentina in 1935 and was a musician who participated in the Spanish cinema of the Franco regime as a film composer, especially during the years 1959-1975. To date, biographical data on her is scarce. The largest source of information available is that offered by Josep Lluís i Falcó in the corresponding voice with “Ana Satrova” in the Diccionario del cine Iberoamericano: España, Portugal y América, where he has allocated space to the composer with the intention of including her name among the artists participating in audiovisual films. Lluís i Falcó points out that her training took place in Argentina, where she came to work as the author of musical soundtracks. Later, she decided to go into exile in Spain as a flight from Peronism. In the case of the Spanish context, which is the scope of our study, it is worth mentioning that her participation in the cinema appears inextricably linked to the film destiny of her second husband, the director José María Zabalza (1928-1985), with whom Satrova worked on several feature films from the late 1960s until the filmmaker's death in 1985. Therefore, although Satrova's musical legacy is relevant enough for his study individually, it should be noted that his foray into the Spanish film industry could initially had to do with his personal circumstances and the professional profile of his sentimental partner.

SATROVA, Ana (aka Henry Stafford] (Ana Martha Satrova Torres) [1935, Argentina -    ] – composer, married to ?, married to director, writer, film editor, actor José María Zabalza (José María Zabalza Errazquin) [1928-1985] (1969-1985).

Damned Pistols of Dallas – 1964

$20,000 for Every Corpse – 1969 (co)

Bullets Over Dallas – 1970 [as Henry Stafford]

Rebels of Arizona - 1972

Al oeste de Río Grande – 1983


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