Monday, December 21, 2020

RIP Maurizio Zampagni


Italian cameraman Maurizio Zampagni died on December 16, 2020 of COVID-19 He was 74. Maurizio’s brother had died only weeks before from the same virus. Zampagni was among the most talented and prepared assistants-operator of Italian cinema: with the Author of Cinematography Claudio Cirillo AIC and the operator at the machine Oddo Bernardini in particular trained A tight photography department in movies like: ′′The most beautiful night of my life′′ [1972], ′′Perfume of a woman′′ (1974), ′′White phones′′ [1976], ′′Safari Express′′ [1972] 1976], ′′Cafe Express′′ (1980), ′′Fantozzi vs All′′ [1980], ′′Picone sent me′′ [1984], ′′Vacation in America′′ [1984], ′′My Friends - Act III′′ [1985]. With Giuseppe Rotunno AIC-ASC collaborated on Robert Altman's film ′′Popeye - Popeye′′ [1980], while Carlo Di Palma AIC collaborated on ′′The Return of Black Stallion′′ [1983] directed by Robert Dalva. Maurizio’s worked on four Euro-westerns as an assistant cameraman: “The Unholy Four” (1970); “Finders Killers” (1971); “Malory Must Not Die!” and “Tara Poki” both 1971


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