Sunday, December 20, 2020

50th Anniversary of “Hey Amigo, to Your Death”

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Rome, Italy premier of “Hey Amigo, to Your Death” directed by Paolo Bianchini using the pseudonym Paul Maxwell and starring Wayde Preston. The story is about a bandit named Barnett (Rik Battaglia) and the eight men of his gang that are hiding out in a Texas town. They’ve held the people of the village in check and then rob the stagecoach which arrives in town carrying a cargo of gold. After the robbery, the bandits take refuge in a deserted mine but a postal officer named Dove/’Doc’ Williams (Preston) is on their track.

Ehi Amigo… sei morto! – Italian title

Ei, Amigo... Descanse em Paz! – Brazilian title

Killer amigo – French title

Killer amigo – Greek title

20 steg mot döden – Swedish title

Hey Amigo… Rest in Peace – English title

Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death – English title

Hey Amigo, to Your Death! – Enlgish title


A 1970 Italian film production [Gatto Cinematoografica, PEA (Rome)]

Producer: Renato Savino

Director: Paul Maxwell (Paolo Bianchini)

Story: Reanto Savino

Screenplay: Roberto Colangeli, Renato Savino

Cinematography: Sergio D’Offizi [Technicolor, Techniscope]

Music: Carlo Savina

     Song: “Hey Amigo, Your Dead’ sung by Don Powell 

running time: 87 minutes


Dove/’Doc’ Williams – Wayde Preston (William Strange)

Barnett/Burnett – Rik Battaglia (Caterino Battaglia)

El Loco – Mark Zuanelli (Marco Zuanelli)

Blake/Blackie – Aldo Berti

Chico/Manolo – Raf Baldwin (Raffaele Baldassare)

Barnett/Burnett henchmen – Lucio Zarini , Alberto Di Grazia

Farmer’s wife – Agnes Spaak

Nathaniel – Claudio De Davide

Nathaniel’s wife – Franco Scagnetti

Doc’s woman – Anna Malsson


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