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The Survivors

The Survivors – English title


A 1957 British television production [BBC Television (London)]

Producer: Michael Elliott, Caspar Wrede (Casper Wrede)

Directors: Michael Elliott, Casper Wrede

Play: Irwin Shaw, Peter Viertel


Photography: [black & white]


Running time: 90 minutes



Morgan Decker - John Abineri

Vinvent Keyes - Patrick Allen

Jane Decker - Jean Anderson

Rutson Hedge – Robert Ayres

Leonard Hawks – Joby Blanshard

Roy Clemens – George A. Cooper

Lucy Dunne – Avril Elger

Alcott – John Garley

Marcus – John Hall

Reverend Hoyt – Michael Hitchman

Sheriff Bagley – Roddy Hughes

Finaly Decker – Anthony Jacobs

Jodine Decker – Wilfrid Lawson

Steve Decker – James Maxwell

Tom Cameron – Jerold Wells

The action of this ‘neo-Western’ takes place in the bar-room of the Court Hotel of Decker City, Missouri, a few months after the end of the American Civil War, and it concerns the resolution of a local feud between two farmers in this war-weary community.


Madrid August 9, 1966

Welles Steps Up Pix Prod. Lineup

Orson Welles is adding impetus to his production program for the balance of 1966 after his award at Cannes and a colo-producing world release agreement with Harry Salzman for “Chimes at Midnight.

With almost 30 minutes of footage still missing from his modern version of “Don Quixote,” Welles resumed activity on the film by sending a second unit to crowd and bullrun scenes at the Pamplona Fair. Having broken a two-year hiatus on “Quixote.” He will bring his three principals to Spain later in the year for the roles of Quixote, Sancho Panza and Dulcinea to complete the Cervantes classic.

Meanwhile, he is busily prepping his first western “The Survivors,” with script by Irving Shaw. He has Deborah Kerr signed for the femme lead and hope to film the Texas-localed post Civil War Story in the Sierra vicinity of Madrid, this summer. The he goes back to “Qixote” for final scenes.

 [archived follow up article submitted by Mike Ferguson]

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