Friday, December 25, 2020

50th Anniversary of the premier of “Reverend Colt”


Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Rome premier of “Reverend Colt” directed by León Klimovsky, Marino Girolami and starring Guy Madison and Richard Harrison. Shocked by the random death of a baby during a shootout, the bounty hunter Colt Miller decides to change his life. He becomes a pastor, and arrives in the city of Tucson with the purpose of erecting a church, but his intention collides with the hostility of the citizens, unwilling to believe the authenticity of his conversion. Accused of robbing a bank, Colt is able to prove his innocence during the siege and protects a caravan of pioneers from a gang of thugs evaporating any mistrust against him with his heroic behavior. The former gunslinger, which has now become for all "Reverend Colt" and can now open his church and set about directing spiritually in the local community.

Reverendo Colt – Italian title

Reverendo Colt – Spanish title
Fäuste, Colts und Totengräber – Austrian title
Reverend Kolt – Czechoslovakian title
Haevneren’s revolver – Danish title
Nimeni on kuolema – Finnish title
Le colt du reverend – French title
Bleigewitter – German title
Antreten zum Bete – German title
Ta mavra spirounia tou El Paso – Greek title
O Reverendo Colt – Portuguese title
Hämndens Colt – Swedish title
Reverend’s Colt – English title
Reverend Colt – English title


A 1970 Italian, Spanish film co-production [Oceania Produzioni Internazionali

     Cinematografiche (Rome), RM Films Talia (Madrid)]

Producer: Marino Girolami
Director: León Klimovsky, Marino Girolami
Story: Manuel Martínez Remís
Screenplay: Tito Carpi, Manuel Martínez Remís
Cinematography: Alberto Fusi [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Lady Park (Giovanni Ferrio), Piero Umiliani
Running time: 90 minutes


Reverend ‘Colt’ Miller – Guy Madison (Robert Moseley)
Sheriff Donovan – Richard Harrison
Mestizo – Thomas Moore (Enio Girolami)
Mary MacMurray – María Martín (María Vargas)
Fred Smith – Germán Cobos
Meticcio – Pedro Sanchez (Ignacio Spalla)
Gary – Steven Tedd (Giuseppe Cardillo)
Dorothy Smith – Perla Cristal (Perla Lijtik)
Pat MacMuray – Cris Huerta (Crsianto Brieva)
José /Joe – José Canalejas
Katy Jackson – Marta Monterrey (María Salerno)
Billy – Mariano Vidal Molina
Deputy Hop – Nino Marchetti (Giovanni Marchetti)
Colonel Charles Jackson – Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso Melquiades)


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  1. I've seen this film before on YouTube and I loved it! I plan on remaking this film in the future under the title of "Preacher Colt". It will tell the story of how Francis Drake "Colt" Miller went from notorious gunslinger to reformed Baptist minister. The plot, however, will be different. Colt Miller gets into a gunfight with Mestizo, a wanted Mexican bandit who has escaped from multiple prisons and jails and has killed numerous people. When nobody in the town of Mescalero tries to stop him, Colt Miller decides to handle Mestizo himself. During the gunfight, a bullet meant for Mestizo accidentally hits and kills his pregnant wife, who is standing nearby. A young boy is also standing there and you find out later on that it's his older son, Gary, who would have been the older brother of the baby who died along with his mother. Ten years later, Mestizo is released from Yuma Territorial Prison in Arizona Territory and is headed to Mexico to get revenge against a Mexican general who killed his brother, Diego, during a midnight raid on his village. Meanwhile a frustrated Gary Miller, who wants revenge for the accidental death of his mother, becomes a vengeful bounty hunter who always brings in his bounties dead. His character claims, "It's better to bring them in dead than it is to bring them in alive." In the meantime a sheriff named Luke Donovan, who is also an ex-Confederate Civil War veteran and who is hated by most of the people in Mescalero, prepares for the arrival of Colt Miller, who has now rebranded himself as "Preacher Colt". He remembers Miller from the Civil War when both of them fought at the Battle Of Vicksburg. Donovan says to Colt, "Colt, what in the Hell are you doing here?" Colt says, "I've come to build a church". Meanwhile, Mestizo has already killed a family of Mexicans, kidnapped a Mexican girl, and has one of General Ortega's men captured as well. Then, Mestizo's henchman, Sancho, tells him that a "gringo" is coming after him. When Mestizo asks, "Who is he?", Sancho says, "I don't know." Mestizo then tortures the Mexican officer for information. When Ortega's officer tells him that the man is none other than Preacher Colt, he gathers his bandidos and goes after General Ortega while also plotting to get revenge against Preacher Colt. They have met somewhere before and Mestizo knows this. He has chronic flashbacks of the event. But so does Preacher Colt. Unlike Mestizo however, Colt can't sleep afterwards. Gary soon catches up to Colt, who at first doesn't recognize him. They get into a fistfight and Colt starts asking Gary, "What the Hell ya got against ME?" Gary says, "You killed my mother!" Colt says, "I never meant to." The two of them ride off after Mestizo and try to warn General Ortega about his arrival, but it is too late. Ortega has been killed by Mestizo along with his men. In the finale, Sheriff Donovan joins Preacher Colt and Gary and together they take on Mestizo and his men. Both Gary and Donovan kill off most of Mestizo's crew while Colt has a fight with Mestizo on top of a church tower. The fight lasts for several hours and just as Mestizo is about to stab Colt with his knife, a shot is fired and Mestizo falls off the tower to his death. Later on Sancho, the only bandido of Mestizo's crew left alive, tries to kill Sheriff Donovan but Colt kills him with a bullet to the head. When Colt asks Gary, "Why did you save my life?, Gary responds, "I had a reason." And when Colt asks, "What was the reason?", Gary says, "I'm your son." That's when Preacher Colt realizes that he's Gary's father. That young boy who witnessed Colt's gunfight ten years ago was Gary!
    As always, wish me luck.