Saturday, December 5, 2020

Franco Nero [archived newspaper article]

 The Charlotte News

Charlotte, North Carolina

January 15, 1973

     Django (Franco Nero) is a one-man army determined to wipe out a vicious Klan-like group that operated in the Southwest United States and Mexico just after the Civil War.

     The only difference between this gang and other Klan groups is this one is bloodier and wears red instead of white hoods.

     But then the Italians who made this movie probably thought it would be more colorful that way and maybe it is.

     Nobody does much acting in this horribly made, R rated feature length film.

 [submitted by Mike Hauss] 

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  1. I plan on making two films in the near future that are based on Franco Nero's Westerns. "Django Rises" will deal with Django taking on the Italian Mafia in Texas in 1929 while "Keoma Reborn" will deal with the main character, Keoma, going after Mexican bandits during the Mexican Revolution in 1912. A third movie called, "Blood On The Dollar" will also be made in the near future but has nothing to do with Franco Nero and actually takes place in California in 1899. It will focus on a family of ranchers who are threatened by a greedy land baron who wants their property in order to start an unlicensed winery. Should be lots of fun. Wish me luck.