Thursday, December 10, 2020

New "Django" with Franco Nero - and Tarantino is probably there too


In "Django Lives!" the almost 80-year-old will slip into his star role again and wants to ask Tarantino for a guest appearance.

By Franco Schedl

Franco Nero, the only true Django, embodied this character for the first time in 1966 under Sergio Corbucci's direction and slipped into the role again in 1987. His name is inextricably linked with the spaghetti western hero, although Nero, born in 1941, is an extremely versatile actor and has so far participated in almost 240 productions. Nevertheless, there had been talk for many years that the legendary character should return with the original actor. After several delays, at least the director for "Django Lives!" fixed: Christian Alvart, known for "Antibodies" , the Netflix series "Dogs Of Berlin" and the "Tatort" episodes with Til Schweiger as Tschiller. 

In an exclusive interview with "Variety" the Italian star fed the hopes of his fans that the shooting of "Django Lives!" has moved in the foreseeable future. It should actually start in May in New Orleans, then it was postponed to June and finally the shooting had to be canceled this year. But now a new start of shooting has been announced at the end of January 2021. Nero has also revealed a lot about the plot. The factory will be located in 1915: Django finds himself in a world that is strange to him when the first film studios begin to produce silent film westerns. At first the old and taciturn gunslinger is not taken seriously, but a final battle in a cemetery is supposed to take place, in which Django again picks up his machine gun hidden in the coffin and shows everyone what is still in it.


By the way, New Orleans is the same city that Quentin Tarantino used as a filming location in  "Django Unchained" . There Franco Nero was involved in a scene alongside Jamie Foxx with a small guest appearance. Now the opposite has happened: Nero will ask Tarantino to slip into the role of a silent film director in the new "Django". However, he can only do that as soon as all dates for this project are absolutely certain. A few years ago he had already invited Tarantino to a cameo appearance in a boxing film by Enzo Castellari - the American was immediately hooked. But then this film plan broke and Tarantino let Nero know: "Never suggest something like this to me again until you are one hundred percent sure.

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  1. I plan on making my own "Django" film. It will be called, "Django Rises" and deal with the titular character, Django, taking on the Mafia in Texas in 1929. Wish me luck. And another thing, Don't sue me, Tarantino. You're the reason why I'm doing this in the first place. I like your work and you inspire me so please don't get mad. Other than that, Ciao.