Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Fabian Conde

Fabian Conde was born Domingo González García in Las Palmas, Grand Canary Islands, Spain in 1932. He studied for a teaching degree and acted in amateur groups during his college years. He was a member of the Los Ases Melodicos variety group before settling down in Madrid where he studied with Carmen Seco and performed with Irene López Heredia. He then produced children’s shows at the Maria Guerro Theater with Doroteo Martí and acted in ‘The Traveler Without Baggage” at the Beatriz Theater with the Luis Arroyo Theatrical Company. He appeared in a number of variety shows for the next several years before signing with the company of Alfonso Real and Luis Barbero. He would go on to appear in some 500 film and television shows beginning in 1965. He then returned to the theater with ‘La sexy cateta’.
There is some debate on whether Fabian is still living or has past on, since his last appearance on film was in 2000.

CONDE, Fabián (aka Fabian Candy, Fabian Conde, Fabian Condè, Fabian Cone, Fabian Count) (Domingo González García) [1932, Las Palmas de Gran Canary Islands, Spain -     ] – theater, film, TV actor.
Dead Men Don’t Count – 1968
Go for Broke – 1968 (bartender)
Killer, Adios – 1968 (Mexican with donkey)
A Pistol for 100 Coffins – 1968
Crisanto Huerta Brieva – 1970 [film was never made]
The Ballad of Ben and Charlie – 1971
Dead Men Ride – 1971 (Mexican miner)
Long Live Your Death – 1971 (bridegroom)
Sonny & Jed – 1972
Tequiula - 1972
The Three Musketeers of the West – 1973 (Domingo)
Whisky and Ghosts – 1974 (train waiter)
Zorro – 1975 (goat merchant, juror)

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