Friday, September 11, 2020

50th Anniversary of “Santan Kills Them All”

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the premier of “Santana Kills Them All”. Directed by Rafael Romero Marchent and starring Gianni Garko, William Bogart and Cristina Josani, it was originally titles “Sratana Kills Them All” because of Gianni Garko starring in the film. This caused some flack with the producers of the Sartana film series so to avoid a lawsuit the name was changed from Sartana to Santana although other countires did use Sartana in the title much like they did with Django when Franco Nero starred in a film.

After participating in a crooked operation which earned them one hundred thousand U.S. dollars, Santana and Marcos are abandoned by their accomplices, the Burton brothers, during a confrontation with sheriff's deputies. While Santana manages to escape capture, Marcos is put under arrest. Managing to escape by using a trick, Marcos and Santana are reunited and go in search of the Burtons, who are possession of all the loot. With Mary, a girl who joins them on the way, Marcos and Santana manage to recover the money. Determined to keep all of the money for himself, Marcos knocks-out his friend and flees with Mary, who, in turn appropriates the one hundred thousand dollars and disappears. Sometime later, Marcos and Santana, now reconciled find Mary, who, thanks to the money from the robbery, has become the owner of a large saloon. The two friends go on a journey with the woman, but soon tired of their presence; she abandons them and decides to go on alone.
Un Par De Asesinos – Spanish title
Lo irritarono... e Sartana fece piazza pulita – Italian title
Sartana Mata Para Não Morrer – Brazilian title
Sartana é seu nome – Brazilian title
Kuoleman lähettiläs – Finnish title
Et.... Sabata les tua tous – French title
...und Santana tötet sie alle – German title
Sartana Mata Tudo - Portuguese title
Dilligens till helvetet – Swedish title
And Sartana Killed them All – English title
Santana Kills Them All – English title

A Spanish, Italian film co-production [Producciones Cinematográficas Dia (Madrid),
     Medusa, Tritone (Rome)]
Producers: Norberto Soliño, Felice Coliacono, Franco Poccioni, Salvatore Alabiso
Director: Rafael Romero Marchent (Rafael Canales)
Story: Santiago Moncada, Joaquín Romero Marchent (Joaquín Canales)
Screenplay: Santiago Moncada, Joaquín Romero Marchent (Joaquín Canales), Mario
Rafael Romero Marchent (Rafael Canales)
Cinematography: Guglielmo Mancori [Technicolor
Music: Marcello Giombini
     Song: “Ride Along” sung by Peter Boom
Running time: 98 minutes

Sartana/Santana – John Garko (Jani Garcovich)
Marco/Mike – William Bogart (Guglielmo Spoletini)
María Anderson - María Silva
Sheriff Laughton - Luis Induni  (Luigi Radici)
Rock Burton/Perkins - Raf Baldassarre
Fred Burton/Perkins – Raf Baldassarre
Brian Lester - Frank Branã
Judge Parker – Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Sheriff Smithy - Cris Huerta
Storekeeper - Jesús Guzmán
Sam - Joaquin Parra
Carmelita/Carmen - Cristina Josani (Cristina Iosani)
Stagecoach passenger - María Martín
Richard Kirby - Andrés Mejuto 
Donald Kirby - Carlos Romero Marchent (Carlos Canales)
Aaron/Adam Kirby - Charly Bravo (Carlos Bravo)
Patrick Kirby - Álvaro de Luna
Franklyn/Franky Kirby - Alejandro de Enciso (José Lopez)
Deputy Sheriff  - Lorenzo Robledo

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