Friday, September 18, 2020

Morte arrives


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By Carrie Talbot

September 7, 2020


CoD: Modern Warfare operator Morte arrives this week, played by artist Fabio Rovazzi

Infinity Ward recently revealed the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 launch will bring a brand new operator to the FPS game’s fray. Named Morte, the op’s a former member of the Italian special forces, and inspired by the spaghetti Westerns of days gone by – and the studio’s now revealed he’s been brought to life by Italian actor, author, singer, and Call of Duty fan Fabio Rovazzi.

The incoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare operator’s appearance and voice are those of Rovazzi’s, the developer reveals in a press release, with the studio having used the process of photogrammetry to capture and portray the artist realistically in-game. Morte’s real name is Sergio Sulla, and his style reflects a mixture of his background as a member of the “Italian special force ‘1° Regiment Col. Moschin'” and “passion for Western-films”. His codename Morte symbolizes the “ultimate tribute to the ‘dead’ dream of the bounty hunter who wanted to be a sheriff”.

Rovazzi, on the other hand, started out on YouTube before appearing in some mainstream TV series, like Untraditional, and releasing music – such as the single ‘Andiamo a comandare’, which has hit over 182 million viewers on YouTube and “went Platinum five times over”.

“Being a character in Call of Duty has always been a secret and impossible dream of mine, Rovazzi says, ““and there are no words to describe the excitement of the opportunity to give my voice and my appearance to an operator. I also love the character tribute to the Italian Western tradition. When I think that millions of players will be able to play with my character, I feel flattered and satisfied beyond imagination.”

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