Monday, September 7, 2020

50th Anniversary of “Rebels of Arizona”

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of “Rebels of Arizona”. Directed by José María Zabalza it starred Carlos Quiney, Miguel de la Riva and Dyanik Zurkakovska. The story was about Glenn and Peggy, a young married couple, own a ranch and are called upon by the directors of a railway company wishing to buy their land. The two young people are not willing to give up their property, and an unknown party sets fire to the ranch forcing them to leave the area. So begins a wandering life for the couple and an adventure intervenes when they defend the rights of a Mexican rancher harassed by an evil banker. They are saved from a sure death sentence for crimes they did not commit while fighting against a shady smuggler who is supplying weapons to the Indians. Finally, the accidental discovery of gold puts an end to their adventures.

Los rebeldes de Arizona – Spanish title
Les desperados de l’Arizona – French title
Adiós Cjamango! – Italian title
Ehi, Gringo… scendi dalla croce – Italian title
The Rebels of Arizona – English title

A 1969 Spanish film production [PROCENSA/Cinemec Produzione (Madrid)]
Producer: Rafael Duran
Director: Charles Thomas/Peter Harrison/Harry Freeman (José María Zabalza)
Story: Charles Thomas/Peter Harrison (José María Zabalza)
Screenplay: Charles Thomas/Peter Harrison (José María Zabalza)
Cinematography: Martin Goldman/Goldwyn (Leopoldo Villaseñor) [Eastmancolor]
Music: Andres Novolty (Ana Satrova)
Running time: 90 minutes

Allan Jackson – Montgomery Hood (Carlos Quiney)
Glenn/Bruce/Cjamango – Michael Rivers (Miguel de la Riva)
Jenny/Helen – Barbara/Frances Carson (Dyanik Zurkakovska)
Peggy Morgan – Julie Newman (Claudia Gravy)
Mayor - José María Zabalza
Sheriff – Ricardo Mendez
Mac – Frank Nicholson (José Truchado)
Commissioner - César García
Ralston – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Barman – Carlos Lucas
Juan - Enrique Navarro
Juan’s wife – Maureen Paget (Pilar Velazquez)
Manuel – Manuel Rojas
Wedding advisor – Richard Stock (Ricardo Costa)
Captain – Javier de Rivera
With: Juan Cortes (Esteban Herrero), Frank Hamilton (Francisco Fantasia), Fernando Sanchez Polack, José Marco, Ray Lewis (Ramon Lillo), Ricardo Osta, Guillermo Mendez, Manuel Rojas

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