Monday, September 28, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Aquila d’Oro


Aquila d’Oro (Golden Eagle)

This comic book series was a reprint of Aquila d’Oro, a Spanish production by Selecciones Illustradas, which had previously been published by Edizioni Bianconi, using the logo, headings and covers (by Vladimirio Missaglia) from the edition Aquila d’Oro (1957), The booklet is presented packaged with a staple and from #6 became a paperback. Short stories were included in the appendix with drawings by Cueto.

The series was first published with #1 on April 15, 1967 and ended with #8 on May 15, 1967. It was originally published by Liguria Publishing House in Milan, Italy under the direction of Danilo Sarugia. Each issue contained 64 pages with color covers and black and white pages.


01 (15.04.67) - "La collana sacra" (The Sacred Necklace)
02 (15.04.67) - "Caccia al bisonte" (Hunting Bison)
03 (00.00.67) - "Lotta selvaggia" (Wild Fight)
04 (00.00.67) - “Vendetta indiana” (Indian Revenge)
05 (00.00.67) - "Segnali di fumo" (Smoke Signals)
06 (15.04.67) - "I monti proibiti" (The Forbidden Mountains)
07 (01.05.67) - "La nuova terra" (The New Earth)
08 (15.05.67) - "La prova suprema" (The Supreme Test)

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