Sunday, September 27, 2020

50th Anniversary of the premier of “Another Dollar for the MacGregors”.

 It was 50 years ago today that “Another Dollar for the McGregors” held its Rome premier. Directed by José Luis Merino and starring Peter Lee Lawrence, Charles Quiney and Stan Cooper it tells the story of a bounty hunter named Forsyte (Quiney) who uses his wife Gladys as bait to attract outlaws with bounties on their heads. One day the trick backfires and she is killed by Joe Saxon (Mariano Vidal Molina). A mysterious stranger on Saxon's trail helps George Forsyte (Peter Lee Lawrence) kill him. The pair then decides to go after Steward (Stan Cooper), a pot smoking crazed outlaw who lives with an Indian woman named Yuma (Marisa Longo), who is said to have magical powers, while suppressing her tribe to work for him. Slowly losing his mind, he is suddenly losing his life when George and the stranger, who turns out to be Gladys' brother, earn the $5,000 on his head.


Ancora dollari per i McGregor – Italian title

La muerte busca un hombre – Spanish title

Mas dolares para Cjamango – Spanish title

Dólares de Sangue para McGregor – Brazilian title

Повече долари за МакГрегър – Bulgarian title

Palkkionmetsastajat – Finnish title

Des dollars pour McGregor – French title

Encore 1 dollar pour McGregor – French title

To kynigi ton epikirygmenon – Greek title

O caçador de prémios – Portuguese title

Os Que Não Perdoam – Portuguese title

Juveljakten – Swedish title

Prisjägarna – Swedish title

Death Seeks a Man – English title

More Dollars for the McGregors – English title

A Few More Dollars for the MacGregors – English title

Another Dollar for the McGregors – English title


A 1970 Italian, Spanish film co-production [Prodimex Film (Rome), Órbita Films


Producer: Arrigo Colombo, Ricardo Merino

Director: José Luis Merino

Story: Enrico Colombo

Screenplay: José Luis Merino, Enrico Colombo, María del Carmen Martínez Román

Cinematography: Emanuele DiCola [Eastmancolor, Cinemascope]

Music: Augusto Martelli

     Song: “Still Water” sung by Augusto Martelli

Running time: 100 minutes



George Forsyte - Charles Quiney (Carlos Quiney)

Robert McGregor/’Blondie’ - Peter Lee Lawrence (Karl-Otto Hyrenbach)

Ross Steward - Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rosi)

Joe Saxon - Mariano Vidal Molina

Gladys McGregor - María Mahor (María Horcajada)

Jonesville Sheriff - José Jaspe (José Rivas)

Deputy Sheriff - José Marco

Pancho - Luis Marín (José Gutiérrez)

Joe - Antonio J. Escribano (Antonio Giménez Escribano)

Yuma - Marisa Longo (Malisa Longo)

Frank Landon – Dan van Husen

Maticha - Marta Monterrey (María Salerno)

Young Sturges - Antonio Mayans (Antonio Hervas)

Poker room host – Santiago Rivero

Mine guard - Enrique Ávila

With: Stefano Capriati, Renato Paracchi, Giancarlo Fantini, Claudio Trionfi, Enzo Fisichella


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