Saturday, September 12, 2020

Who Are Those Composers ~ Clive Riche

Clive Anthony Rich was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England on December 13, 1952. He was sickly in his childhood but tried out for many sports, trained at the “Drama and Music School” in his hometown and began his professional career as a speaker, editor, producer and author for the BBC. Also working as a musician Riche began his career as a film actor in 1990 and has since appeared in over thirty supporting roles, mostly Italian productions. After a break he worked in the music and entertainment business from the late 1980s, often performing with the cabaret group "The Mighty Honky Calypso Band". He appeared on television for director John Guilbertas as the leading actor in a work about Singing Telegram Messengers. Riche gained the attention of an Italy-based producer, where he soon settled and was seen in over thirty supporting roles by 2013, including some interesting genre films. In addition, he worked on the radio, as a spokesman for various clients and gave numerous jazz concerts. In 2003 the jazz CD "Fregene Beach" was released by "Clive Rich & The Beach Band".

RICHE, Clive (aka Anthony Clive Riche, Clive Anthony Riche, Clive Anthony Ricke | Clive Ricke, Clive Ritchie) [12/13/1952, Leeds, Yorkshire, England, U.K. – actor, composer, singer, member of "The Mighty Honky Calypso Band", "Clive Rich & The Beach Band".
Jonathan of the Bears – 1994
     Song: “Jonathan of the Bears” sung by Clive Riche

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