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European Western Comic Books ~ Aquila dell’Oceano

Aquila dell’Oceano
The Eagle of the Ocean

This series of horizontal shaped comic books presented adventurous sagas starring Pietro Malfante and Melinda de Conti, written by Michele Bea and drawn by Giovanni Scolari (#1-3) and Guido Zamperoni (#4-10). Covers by Guido Zamperoni (#4-10). Announced, but not found,
“Il segreto della montagna incantata” ("The Secret of the Enchanted Mountain"), the first episode of a new cycle of adventures. Since 1935, the publisher had already published the pocket series of fiction A Thousand and a Day in Film, the booklet Musi e Casi and, in the early months of 1937, the comic series Il  Sommarubile Fantasma e Dominatore.

The Eagle of the Ocean was first published in January of 1937 and ended in April 1937 by the Universal Publishing House in Milan, Italy. Each issue contained 12 black and white pages with color covers.

01 (00.02.37) - “Il cavaliere nero” (The Black Knight)
02 (00.02.37) - “Uno contro mille” (One Against a Thousand)
03 (00.03.37) - “Lo scoglio del Diavolo" (The Devil’s Rock)
04 (00.03.37) - “L’ospite mascherato” (The Masked Guest)
05 (00.03.37) - "Strappato al patibolo" (Torn from the Gallows)
06 (00.03.37) - “Sotto la bandiera nera” (Under the Black Flag)
07 (00.04.37) - “Il vendicatore” (The Avenger)
08 (00.04.37) - “La squadra ribelle” (The Rebel Team)
09 (00.04.37) - “Alla baionetta!” (To the Bayonet)
10 (00.04.37) - “Vittoria!” (Vistory!)

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