Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Book Release ~ Se vuoi vivere gira! Il cinema di Sergio Garrone

Se vuoi vivere gira! Il cinema di Sergio Garrone
(If You Want to Live…Turn! Sergio Garrone’s Cinema)

Author: Davide Pulici
Publisher: Nocturno
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Pages: 228

Sergio Garrone (Rome, April 15,1925) pariicpated in all aspects of cinema: producer, scriptwriter, production manager, organizer, assistant director and, finally, director. His westerns have projected him among the greatest authors of the genre. His "twin" works are equally historicized, first the horror films with Klaus Kinski, then the two extremely extreme erosvastika. Many of his "occult" presences on the sets of others, to help, suggest, support, support, assist. This book seeks to reconstruct what is possible in a multifaceted and complex, fascinating and adventurous career.

Davide Pulici had a long interview with Sergio, in the days of the Venetian retrospective on Western (2007), on the occasion of which the director landed at the Lido to present his film " Una lunga fila di croci". Four hours of conversation, of dialogue, in these pages faithfully reported for the first time, because "Garrone does not need to be explained by anyone other than by Garrone", as Pulici himself says on the back cover.

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