Thursday, September 3, 2020

Who Are Those Gals ~ Rosella Como

Rosella Como was born in Rome, Italy on January 29, 1937. She made her actig debut at a very young age in a small role in the 1957 film by Dino Risi entitled “Poveri ma belli”. After that she appeared in small roles in a good number of comedies such as “La Nonna Sabella” and “Lazzarella” both in 1957 and “Io mammeta e tu” in 1958, playing beautiful yet foolish young women.

In the 1960s Como became active in the Italia Theater and acted alongsife Amedeo Nazzari in 1965’s “Hanno Kidnapped the President”. This thrust her into larger cinematic roles such as 8 ½ by Federico Fellin in 1963 and “I Married For Joy” by Luciano Salce in 1967, In 1965 she was a presenter for the Beatle’s Italian tour.

In 1973 she slowed down her film career and created her own theatrical stage show “Roma amor” where she sang folk songs along with numbers by Trilussa and Piero Paolo Pasolin. The tour was taken to South America where it was well received.

In 1983 Como returned to the cinema playing the snobbish mother of Christian De Sica in the comedy film “Vacanze di Nsatale” directed by Carlo Vanzina.

Unfortunately Rosella Como died of cancer at the age of 47 on December 20, 1986. 

COMO, Rosella (Rossella Como) [1/29/1937, Rome, Lazio, Italy – 12/20/1986, Rome, Lazio, Italy (cancer)] – writer, theater, film, TV actress, mother of actress Monica Como (Monica Maisani) with Pino Maisani.
The Tall Women – 1966 (Katy Grimaldi)

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