Thursday, June 15, 2017

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Claudio Camaso

Claudio Camaso Volonte was born in Rome, Italy on January 12, 1934. He was the brother of actor Gian Maria Volonte [1933-1994]. He appeared in 21 credited films from 1964-1976 and starred in five Euro-westerns. He was married to actress Verena Baer and they had a child together. On July 26, 1977 Claudio, separated from his wife, got into a violent argument and fight with her at Campo Campo Dè Fiori. A man named Vincenzo Mazza, a 27 year-old electrician, intervened while other witnesses watched. Camaso shifted his attention to Mazza and in the struggle stabbed Mazza in the chest. He would later die in a Rome, hospital. Volonte was later arrested and put in jail. While waiting for trial he committed suicide in his cell. To this day the circumstances and what really happened are still clouded with questions and clarity. Actor Gianni Garko maintains that Volonte took the fall for the real killer.    

CAMASO, Claudio (Claudio Camaso Volonte) [1/12/1934, Rome, Lazio, Italy - 7/29/1977, Rome, Lazio, Italy (suicide)] – film, TV actor, brother of director, writer, singer, actor Gian Maria Volonte [1933-1994] married to actress Verena Baer Volonté (19??-1977) father of one child.
Garter Colt – 1967 (Red)
John the Bastard – 1967 (Don Francisco Tenorio)
$10,000 for a Massacre – 1967 (Manuel Vasquez)
Vengeance – 1968 ('Professor' Mendoza)
Vengeance is Mine – 1968 (Clint Forest)

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