Friday, June 2, 2017

RIP Maury Dexter

American producer, director Maury Dexter died in Simi Valley, California on May 28th. He was 88. Born Morris Gene Poindexter in Paris, Arkansas on June 12, 1928 he was member of the Director's Guild since 1936, he once directed 20 films in a year's time for 20th Century Fox. By the 1960's, he had his own production company, but the apex of his career came when he became a director for Michael Landon's "Little House on the Prairie" and " Highway to Heaven". Dexter directed the Euro-western “Outlaw of Red River” (1965) starring George Montgomery. He was also a co-producer of "Die for a Dollar in

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  1. Biltmore: Add producer of For a Dollar Die in Tucson. He financed and sent over Ronald Foster, star of Dexter's HOUSE OF THE DAMNED (1963), who then hid behind the name of Ronny de Marc.