Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Wild West Uncovered

La veritable histoire du Far West – French title
The Wild West Uncovered – English title

A 2006 French television production [Arte France, Gedeon Programmes, Auvitec, Leonardo Film (Paris)]
Producer: Elmar Bartlmae
Director: Elmar Bartlmae
Teleplay: Elmar Bartlmae
Photography: Roland Mayer, Ton Lea Saby [color]
Music: Robert Hartshorne
Running time: 51 minutes

Narrator: Alain Zenou
William Sharon – Ken Ostrum
Adolph Sutro – Charles Tadlock
John Mackay – George Triplett
Mark Twain – Perry Arnn
Philipp Deidesheimer – Gregor Finke
With: Bernie Allen, Gus Contos, Mike Creager, Chic DiFrancia, Armour DiMarzo, Curtis Dreher, Greg Fine, Sharon Fujioka, Trent Gookin, Gwen Hughes, Robert Kucera, Kelly Lockett,
Garrett Long, Roy Richey, Doug Romero, Richard Taylor, The White Family, Jim Wilbanks,
Kelly Dixon, Ron James (Ronald M. James)

This French documentary shakes up the clichés by reporting on recent scientific discoveries at Virginia City (Nevada), the flagship city of the gold rush. Careful excavations are undertaken by Kelly Dixon, a young archaeologist, with the assistance of Ronald James, chief curator of the State Museum of Nevada. Virginia City's true face is that of a cosmopolitan city where strangers, even colored ones, discover the true face of Virginia City, a town with evolved mores and revolutionary mining techniques for its time, in short, a calm, peaceful, industrial and industrious city, very far from the law exalted by many Westerns of Hollywood. Oyster shells and the remains of glasses even attest that in some saloons, French champagne was not uncommon.

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