Thursday, April 27, 2017

Who Are Those Guys ~ Alfio Caltabiano

Alfio Caltabiano was born in Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy on July 17, 1932. Also known as Al Northon AlfRandal and Alf Thunder to Euro-western fans, Caltabino was a director, screenwriter and actor in over two dozen films including “Comandamenti per un gangster” (1968) and  “Tutti figli di Mammasantissima” (1973). He was also a master of arms and a choreographer. Alfio started his career in cinema as a stuntman and exploited his physique. Among his early films were “Ben Hur”, in which he portrayed Jesus Christ, where he was visible only from behind, carrying the heavy wooden cross on the Via Crucis scene. He appeared as an actor in about twenty films, especially spaghetti-westerns, while as a director he started in 1967 with the movie “Ballata per un pistolero” (Ballad of a Gunman) (1967). His film career ended in 1977, after shooting finished on “California”.

He died on June 23, 2007 from a heart attack in Rome, a month short of his 75th birthday.

CALTABIANO, Alfio (aka Alfio Caltapiano, Alfio Caltaviano, Al Northon, Alf Randal, Alf Thunder) [7/17/1932, Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy – 6/23/2007, Rome, Lazio, Italy (heart attack)] – director, writer, master of arms, stunt coordinator, stuntman, film actor.
Colorado Charlie – 1965 (Creonte) [as Alf Randal]
Two Sergeants of General Custer - 1965 (Nervous Buffalo)
Ballad of a Gunman – 1967 (El Bedoja) [as Al Northon] [director, writer]
Man Called Amen (1972) (Reverend ‘Ladrone’ Smikth) [as Alf Thunder] [director, writer]
They Still Call Me Amen - 1973 (Reverend Smith) [as Alf Thunder] [director, writer]
Keoma – 1976 (member of Caldwell’s gang)
California – 1977 (bounty hunter)

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