Thursday, April 20, 2017


Psanci – International title

A 2016 Polish, Czech Republic co-production [F8 ART Compamny (Prague)]
Producer: Aleš Šimek
Director: Petr Smazal
Story: Petr Smazal
Screenplay: Petr Smazal
Cinematography: [color]
Music: Jan Vlnas
Running time: 120 minutes
Nick Hardy – Ivan Franěk
Vigo – Roman Vedovec
Mayor of Wolf Creek – Pavel Nový
Harry Lloyd – Viktor Dyk
Pedro Sancho – J.K. Sanchez
Mike – Jan Andrle
Bob Cole – Jan Kříž
With: Josef Šedivý, Artur Wower, Daniela Alfonzová

 Being at the wrong time in the wrong place even in 1881. When Harry Lloyd finds himself on the run, he can only hope is that the mysterious drifter  he meet in not the same as those he’s met so far. What more could he wish for in a story in which everyone is a persecuted outcast.


  1. In 2016 Czechoslovakian? ;)
    The film still hasn't been made. On their Facebook page, the producers claim that they are still looking for more backers. They want to shoot it in the USA... I guess they will never make it.
    At least they made a short clip from existing footage made in Poland.

  2. Thanks for the update Oik. The dates I use are production dates not release dates. As you know many of these films if ever released are sometimes several years later.

  3. Well, my point was that since 1993 there is no Czechoslovakia ;) It's Czech Republic - Poland coproduction.
    Who knows if they're gonna make it or not. It could be interesting, although I don't believe it would be good. Still looks like an amateur film.