Thursday, April 6, 2017

The White Owl

Die weiße Eule – German title
The White Owl – English title

A 2015 German production [Sternenberg Films (Cologne)] 
Producer: Konstantin Korenchuk, Simon Pilarski
Director: Simon Pilarski
Story: Simon Pilarski
Screenplay: Simon Pilarski, Daniel Hercenberger, Daniel Hercenberger
Cinematographer: Nico Nun [color]
Music: Sergio Roth
Running time: 13 minutes

Alexander Jung – Alexander Bettendorff
Oma – Christine Bührmann
Indian - Robert Alan Packard

In the confusion during the Second World War Grandma Elsa tries to keep her grandson Alex from the atrocities of the war. On their journey together to the Swiss border, the unequal pair must overcome dangerous obstacles.  The biggest challenge, however, is the hatred in Alex's heart.  Can the wisdom of the Indians bring him back to the right path?

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