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Pocahontas: The Princess of American Indians (TV)

Pocahontas, la principessa degli Indiani d’America – Italian title
Pocahontas – English title
Pocahontas: The Princess of American Indians – English title

A1996 North Korean, Italian production [Mondo TV (Rome)]
Producer: Orlando Corradi
Director: Orlando Corradi, Kim Jun Ok
Story: Orlando Peota, Clelia Castaldo
Teleplay: Clelia Castaldo, Orlando Peota
Animation: [color]
Music: John Sposito, Gianfranco Fasano
Song: “Pocahontas” sung by Cristina D’Avena
Running time: 26 episodes x 26 minutes             

Pocahontas, Hopi-Ho, Moc, Yellow Wolf, Sincere Puma, Eiswa, Black Hawk

Pocahontas spreads the word of the Great Spirit to other tribes in North America.

Pocahontas, along with her friend Hopi-Ho, began a long pilgrimage from the Pacific to the Atlantic to visit all the Indian tribes of the American continent and to bring the message of hope of the Great Spirit, "Centuries will pass with defeats and humiliations, but one day man will return to live in harmony with nature." During the trip the two will come to know the different cultures and traditions and customs of the tribes of American Indians.

‘Pocahontas: Princess of the American Indian’ was an Italian North Korean television cartoon series in 26 episodes produced by the studio Sek of Pyongyang for Italian World TV who then oversaw the distribution worldwide. In Italy it was aired on Italy 1 in 1998. The series was inspired by the real character of Pocahontas.

Episode list: 1) The Departure, 2) A New Friend, 3) Niagara Falls, 4) Rally, 5) Traveling to the Great North, 6) Midnight Sun, 7) The Glaciers, 8) The Big Party, 9) Destination California, 10) The People of Baskets, 11) The Future Lord Prairie, 12) The Twin Waterfalls, 13) To Save a Horse, 14) To the Land of Bison, 15) The Lords of the Prairie, 16) The Horseback Ride, 17) Stories and Legends, 18) The Spider Woman, 19) The Festival of Victory, 20) The Blue Star, 21) Still Traveling, 22) The Great Sun, 23) Volcanic Mountains, 24) Discovering the Future, 25) The Mountains of the Condor, 26) Back to the Present

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