Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who Are Those Guys? – Dschingis Bowakow

Dschingis Bowakow was born in Dachau, Bavaria, West Germany on  November 17, 1961. He is the foster child of producer, director Hark Bohm [1939- ]. He would go on to appear in nine films as an actor and then turned became a producer and production manager. He’s known for “Pola X” (1999), “North Sea Is Dead Sea” (1976) and his only Euro-western “Chetan, Indian Boy” (1976), directed and written by his foster father Hark Bohm.

BOWAKOW, Dschingis [11/7/1961, Dachau, Bavaria, West Germany -     ] - producer, production manager, foster child of director Hark Bohm [1939-    ], brother of producer, actress Natalia Bowakow, actor Bembe Bowakow.
Chetan, Indian Boy - 1972 (Tschetan/Chetan)

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