Friday, August 28, 2015

ProSieben Funny Movie – Spiel mir das Lied und Du bist tot (TV)

ProSieben Funny Movie – Spiel mir das Lied und Du bist tot – German title
 A 2007 German television production [Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH (Munich)]
Producers: Christian Becker, Eva Franz
Director: Erik Haffner
Story: Tommy Krappweis (Thomas Krappweis)
Teleplay: Tommy Krappweis (Thomas Krappweis)
Photography: Stephan Vorbrugg  [color]
Music: Andreas  Lenz (Andreas Lenz von Ungern Sternberg)
Song: “The Saint John Song” sung by Henriette Becker
Running time: 72 minutes

Bobby-John-Joe St. John – Sigi Terpoorten (Siegfried Terpoorten)
Billy-Bob-Earl St. John – Niels-Bruno Schmidt
Jerry-Lee-Larry St. John – Jürgen Tonkel
Ma St. John – Katy Karrenbauer
Grandpa St. John – Ralf Richter
Marshal Garrett – Wolf Roth
Sheriff – Martin Semmelrogge
Barman – Dan van Husen
Billy the Kid – Bernhard Hoecker
Jill-Sarah-Mae-Jennifer St. John – Daniela Preuß
Young Bobby-John-Joe St. John – Maurice Engst
Young Jill-Sarah-Mae-Jennifer St. John – Luana Riebel
Pierre Brice – Achim Langer
Mexican – Nenad  Lucic
James gang member – Andreas Mintert
Deputy – Armin Sauer
Skunk - Thom Nowotny
Stunt Coordinator: Armin Sauer
Stunts: Martin Lederer, René Schobeß

The typical Leone western style from the Dollar trilogy and "Once Upon A Time In the West" was imitated pretty well from the technical point of view, using sepia tone colors, close-ups of ugly bearded faces and Morricone music. Even if some jokes were dumb or too repetitive, the story was good enough to keep viewers me watching. The story is about two brothers, their father and grandpa who try to cheat the rest of the family, quite unlike Bonanza. Ma usually calls their sons "sons of a bitch" and who are they to argue. The sheriff wears white and has shiny white teeth, takes "cleaning up this town" literally and gives all the rogues a hard time.

“Funny Movie” was a two season television series of what else made for TV funny movies. Season 1 was shown in 2008 and consisted of 4 films while season 2 was shown until 2011 and consisted of another 4 films.

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