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Prairie Saloon (TV)

Prairie-Saloon – German title

A 1966 German production [CCC Television ( )]
Producer: Rolf Meier
Director: Hans Heinrich
Story: Heinz Wunderlich
Teleplay: Heinz Wunderlich
Photography: [black & white]
Music: Lotar Olias (Lothar Olias)
Ach, Wenn’s Doch Wahr Wär
Dann Spielt Die Dixieband
Keiner Von Uns Ist Schlecht
My Old, My Old Virginia  
Reite Jimme Reite  
Sonst Ist Nicht Passiert 
Und Eines Tages War Es Dann Soweit
Voller Geheimnizze Ist Die Prairie  
Pinky Aus Charletson
Was Würde Deine Mutter Sagen
Running time: 85 minutes

Jimmy – Gerd Vespermann
Claire – Violetta Ferrari (Ferrari Violetta)
Mrs. Pennywater –  Loni Heuser
Judy – Margitta Sonke
Lilli – Beate Hasenau
Skip – Rainer Brandt
Butch – Reinhard Koldehoff
Pinky – Peter Schiff
Rotbart – Panos Papadopulos
Sheriff – Albert Venohr
Doc – Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Shane – Harald Sielaff
David Baker – Fritz Eberth
Mama – Erna Haffner
Victor – Klaus Dieter Herr
Indian girl – Susanne Hsiao
With: Eckart Dux, Käte Jaenicke, Wolfgang Lukschy, Ingrid van Bergen, Alexander Welbat

Horse City is firmly in the hands of scoundrels Skip and Butch, they shoot up the town and terrorize its citizens. The old Sheriff Pearson no longer confronts the ruthless bandits. Powerless, he has to watch while brute force takes over Horse City. Worse, however, is the threat of the "killer", the mysterious, yet remained invisible criminal on whose account there is a long series of murders in the area. One evening two strangers enter Mrs. Penny Waters "Prairie-Saloon", the social center of the city. They are Jimmy and his companion Claire, who want to make the acquaintance of the "killer", and learn of his gruesome glory they have learned from the Wild West magazines. Jimmy explains in comic simplicity, he is an academic researcher and gun shooting psychologist. Initially the two greenhorns are only laughed at, but quickly it turns out that behind the innocent façade are two marksmen, who give Skip and his cronies, on the first evening, an efficient lesson. Skip becomes angry, as his girlfriend, the beautiful bar singer Lilli in "Prairie-Saloon", as well as Judy, Mrs. Penny Waters niece, are very fond of Jimmy's boyish gentlemanly manners. When Sheriff Pearson who is on the track of "The Killer", is treacherously killed, Jimmy decides to act. Vigorously he sets out to hunt down the mysterious killer. The true identity of “TheKillers” is revealed and the happy loving couple can celebrate their engagement.

This was a television version of the 1964 German play of the same name. It was televised on German TV on March 3, 1966.

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