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The New Adventures of Lucky Luke (TV)

Le nouvelles aventures de Lucky Luke – French title
Nye Eventyr med Lucky Luke – Danish title
Lucky Luke uudet seikkailut – Finnish title
Lucky Luke - Die neuen Abenteuer – German title
Lucky Luke legújabb kalandjai – Hungarian title
Nowe przygody Lucky Luke'a – Polish title
The New Adventures of Lucky Luke – English title

A 2001-2003 French production [Dargaud Marina, FTV1, Xilam, France 2, France 3 (Paris)]
Producer: Marc du Pontavice
Director: Olivier Jean Marie
Story: Morris (Maurice De Bevere)
Teleplay: Jean-Francois Henri, Jean-Luc Fromental, Stéphanie Joalland
Animation: Mathilde Lafabrie [color]
Music: Ramon Pipin, Hervé Lavandier
Running time: 52 episodes x 26 minutes

Lucky Luke, Jolly Jumper, The Daltons, General Custer, The Lumière Brothers, Lola Montez, Buffalo Bill, John Ford, Ulysses S. Grant, Queen Victoria, Sherlock Holmes, Don Quixote

Lucky Luke is the cowboy who shoots faster than his own shadow. With the help of his faithful horse Jolly Jumper (the world's smartest horse) and sometimes also Rantanplan (the world's dumbest dog) he maintains peace and order. In the Wild West he hunts down desperadoes, keeps sharpshooters like Billy the Kid in check and constantly recaptures and returns The Daltons to prison.

This animated series lasted two seasons on French TV Channel 3 from September 16, 2001- May 4, 2003.

Episode list:
Season One

1. Liki Liki
2. Lucky Luke in Alaska
3. The Daltons against Sherlock Holmes
4. Lucky Luke against Lucky Luke
5. Light in the West
6. Neither Dalton nor Master
7. Indian Roulette
8. Fort Custer
9. The treasure of Dalton
10. Flying Man
11. A Fistful of Dalton
12. The heirs
13. The Daltons Indians
14. The Last Bison
15. Justice for the Daltons
16. The Dalton's Christmas
17. The Daltons Unleashed
18. Vultures in the Plain
19. A Dad for the Daltons
20. The Promised
21. Desperados Union
22. Ghosts and Pipes
23. The Commodore
24. Don Quijote de Texas
25. The Battle
26. The Mare

Season 2
27. Lola Montes
28. The beast of Alabama
29. The Daltons See Double
30.  A cannon for The Daltons
31. Indian Romance
32. The Daltons' ghosts
33. The Kids Gang
34. The Daltons Rise in the Air
35. Custermania
36. Jackpot for The Daltons
37. Martian Theory
38. The Daltons Cowboys
39. Spies
40. Charity Dalton
41. Dalton Junior
42. Trappers
43. The Revenge of the Daltons
44. War of medics
45. The Daltons Against Billy the Kid
46. Witness
47. A Bone for the Daltons
48. The Great Nose of Talisman
49. The Dalton Soldiers
50. The Return of Liki Liki
51. Sequoia Bay
52. The Schoolmaster

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