Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Outlaw Justice (TV)

Le chevaudhee des heroes – French title
La justicia de los forajidos – Spanish title
The Long Kill – English title
Outlaw Justice – U.S.A. title

A 1998 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Once Upon a Time Films (Hollywood), Produccione Cinematograf. S.A. (Madrid)]
Producer: Stanley M. Brooks, Enrique Cerezo
Director: Bill Corcoran (William Corcoran)
Story: Gene Quintano (Eugene Quintano)
Screenplay: Gene Quintano (Eugene Quintano), Imon Uribe (Imanol Bilbao)
Cinematography: Federico Ribes (Federico Ponsoda) [color]
Music: Jay Gruska
Song: “Hard Edge” sung by Willie Nelson
Song: “No More Looking Over My Shoulder” sung by Travis Tritt (James Tritt)
Running time: 100 minutes

Story: When an old friend is killed by one of their ex-gang members two outlaws ride after seeking vengeance and justice.

Lee – Willie Nelson
Jesse Ray Torrence – Kris Kristofferson (Kristoffer Kristofferson)
Tyler Dalton – Trave Tritt (James Tritt)
Tobey Naylor – Waylon Jennings
Brice Naylor – Chad Willett
Mr. Preble – Danny Sullivan (Daniel Sullivan III)
Holden Bonnie – Sancho Gracia (Felix Gracia)
Sheriff Conklin – Jonathan Banks
Colonel Lupo – Simon Andreu (Simon Trobat)
Mayor Hunter – Jorge Bosso (Jorge Cuello)
Picker – Francis Butler
Almeria Chong – Ignacio Duran (Juan Otero)
Almeria Cheech – Vincent Ginarbi
Mrs. Preble – May Heatherly
Lloyd – Eduardo Hererra
Bank guard – Bill Holden
Rowdy cowboy – Lance Kinsey
Townsman – Mark Newsom
Cowboy – Alito Rodgers
Stagecoach steward – Aldo Sambrell (Afredo Brell)
Mexican soldier – Manuel San Martin
Almeria woman – Marina Saura (Marina Augot)
Campsite thief – Pablo Scola
Claire – Leonor Watling
Bank robber – Tony Isbert (Antonio Ysbert)
Kid with telegram – Simon Lopez
With: Diego Jimenez Flores
Stunt coordinator: Tony Smart
Stunts: Jesus Riaran Hernan, Salvador Martos (Salvador Manson), Juan Montoya, Peter Pedrero

Two aging but still capable gunfighters re-form their old bunch to revenge the killing of one of their previous members. They join forces with an ex-sheriff named Dalton and the murder member’s son. This Western filmed in Spain is full of action and violence. The movie contains gun-play, action Western, bloody spectacle and fist-fights. The good guys are performed by American actors while the bad guys are portrayed by Spanish players such as Simon Andreu, Sancho Gracia and Tony Isbert. It's an offbeat, thrilling and uneven Western particularly influenced by Sergio Leone, for that reason it will appeal to Spaghetti aficionados.

This made for TV western was written by Gene Quintano and filmed around the same time Quintano was filming ‘Dollar for the Dead’ in Almeria, Spain using several of Sergio Leone’s sets and locations. The film was originally aired on the CBS network on January 24, 1999.

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