Thursday, August 20, 2015

Spanish Film Academy honors Paco Ardura collaborator Almeria Western Film Festival

Francisco Ardura, better known as Paco Ardura, recently received a lifetime achievment tribute by the Spanish Film Academy for his long career linked to cinematography. Ardura has over fifty years in the profession and is largely unknown to the public but not to the  professionals in the industry. Paco Ardura owns the film studio Fort Bravo and a company of animals and carriages. This professional is a regular contributor to Almeria Western Film Festival, contributing his experience and expertise each year during the conversations with actors in films that were shot in Tabernas. Last year he was commissioned to deliver the Honorary Award AWFF to actor and Italian director Enzo G. Castellari, who he shares an intense friendship. "This professional is renowned for his horses in the U.S., France and England. He is the man who’s whispered to the horses for 60 years," were some of the words that were given to him by the production manager, Yousaf Bokhari in his honor. Paco Ardura was the livestock coordinator during "The Golden Age of Spanish Cinema," according to Alex de la Iglesia. The honoree recalled that he had worked throughout his life with three generations of filmmakers. He ended his speech claiming that "He returned to dignity working with specialists, riders, ramaleros and coachmen." During his long career, Paco Ardura has worked with some of the great masters of cinema such as David Lean, Sergio Leone and Anthony Mann. He has participated in Hollywood productions as well as numerous Spaghetti Western films that were shot in the Tabernas Desert.

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