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Quattro carogne a Malopasso (TV)

Quattro carogne a Malopasso – Italian title

A 1989 Italian production [Gli Amici del Cinema (Rome)]
Producers: V. Colomba (Vito Colomba), A. Genco, N. Vultaggio (Nicola Vultaggio)
Director: Vito Colomba
Story: Vito Colomba
Teleplay: Vito Colomba
Photography: Aldo Gibarosa [color]
Music: various
Running time: 92 minutes

Bill Nelson – Salvatore Cipponeri
Sam O’Hara – Tony Genco
Mary O’Hara – Caterina Pace
Parker – Daniele D’Angelo
Rudo – Nicola Vultaggio
Judge – Nino Scaduto
Cicso – Vito Gagliano
Rio – Salvatore Periano
Roccia – Nicola Mangiapane
Tom – Carmelo Monreale
Orson – Pietro Parisi
Roger – Salvatori Avola
Priest – Antonio Rizzo
With: Vito Adragna, Salvatore Avila, Ignazio Capizzi, Salvatore Coppola, Carlo Di Liberto, Maria Fonte, Vito Fonte, Gino Lombardo, Antoinio Loria, Andrea Maiorana, Salvatore Maiorana, Paolo Montastero, Salvatore Monteleone, Giuseppe Morana, Salvatore Oddo, Francesco Pagoto, Nino Poma, Mario Sansica, Salvatore Sansone, Massimo Valenti, Nino Vario 

Bill Nelson, returns to his hometown, Malopasso, after ten years of absence to find his parents. Stopping at the house of the sheriff Sam Ohara, he discovers that his parents were killed by bandits. The Sheriff provides the only clue found at the crime scene, a horseshoe engraved with a "P".

Nelson leaves the sheriff's house and goes to the saloon. Questioning the maid, he discovers that the town is plagued by Parker, a gangster who dominates the area, and realizes that he is the one behind the death of the parents.

In saloon Nelson begins his personal crusade against Parker, killing some of his henchmen and leaving one alive one, so he can warn Parker of his arrival.

As he wanders the valleys around Malopasso, Nelson is wounded by Parker’s henchmen but manages to escape and is rescued by Ohara and his daughter Mary who take him to the sheriff’s house.

While Nelson lies wounded in the house of the sheriff, Ohara decides to act against Parker aided only by his deputy. Betrayed by the judge, Ohara falls victim to an ambush of Parker and his men.

Nelson decides to find out where Parker is hiding, and to do that he helps one of Parker’s held in the county jail to escape. Nelson then forces the man, named Cisco, to confess where Parker is hiding.

Nelson returns to the town and tries to convince the people of Malopasso to join him in defeating Parker and his men: only Santarita Roger, a friend of the killer's father Bill and another cowboy decide to join him.

Before reaching Parker, the three are stopped by Cisco, who has been elected sheriff in the place of the deceased Ohara. Mary O’Hara is terribly disappointed that a former henchman of Parker’s was elected sheriff by the victims of the criminal induces Nelson to give up his plans for revenge and to go away with her.

The made for TV film was telecast on Italy 1 on the ‘Never say TV’ film series on August 14, 1989.

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