Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Short Film Release

Spaghetti western in Centocelle in short “Non uscirai vivo da questo mondo” (Not Getting Out of this World Alive).

"Non uscirai vivo da questo mondo", the short film directed by Ricardo Papa for Grapevine Studio, is in the official selection of MoliseCinema, the film festival of Casacalenda (Campobasso), now in its 13th edition, was held August 4 to 9. The work, selected from over 300 short films entered in the event, has been included in the festival along with 18 other works by award-winning authors. " Non uscirai vivo da questo mondo" is a western set in the post-technological outskirts of Rome, the doomsday scenario of Centocelle. A remake of an original spaghetti western.

Non uscirai vivo da questo mondo – Italian title
(You Will Not Escape from This World Alive – English translated title)

A 2014 Italian production [A 48 Hour Film Project, Grapevine Studio (Rome)]
Producer: Antonio Cardia
Director: Riccardo Papa
Story: Antonio Cardia, Dario Niglio, Iacopo Di Girolamo, Riccardo Papa 
Screenplay: Antonio Cardia, Dario Niglio, Iacopo Di Girolamo, Riccardo Papa 
Cinematography: Corrado Serri [color]
Running time: 8 minutes

Story: A dangerous thief is out to steal a precious bottle of coal water but ends up with bad results when he meets resistance.

Francesco Castiglioni, Roberto Caccioppoli, Ughetta d’Onorascenzo, Domenico Florio, Caterina Vaz Pinto

YouTube entire short film:

Nomination: Best directing to Riccardo Papa
Awards: Best use of Genre (western), Best costume design to Ilaria Carannante

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