Thursday, October 4, 2012

Remembering Luis Trenker

 Alois Franz Trenker was born in St-Ulrich, southern Tyrol (now Italy) on October 4, 1892. He went to school in Bolzano to become a wood sculptor. From 1912 to 1914 he studied Architecture. When World I broke out he became an officer in the Dolomite and fought with the Austrian mountain troops. After the war he made a documentary film "Wunder des Schneeschuhs" (1921) with Arnold Fanck. In 1934 he worked in Hollywood, but went back to Europe. In 1966 he worked for TV with Olympic ski champion Toni Sailer in "Luftsprünge". He lived with his wife in Meran, kept an office in Munich, wrote his Memories ("Alles gut gegangen" ("Everything went swell"). During his long career he was a film director, singer, author, ski champion and mountain climber, wood-carver, stage and film actor. Trenker made one Euro-western and was the producer, director, screenwriter and lead actor in “The Emperor of California” (1936). Trenker died of pneumonia and a heart attack in a hospital in Bolzano, Italy on April 13, 1990. Trenker along with being a film director was also a singer, author, ski champion, mountain climber, wood-carver, stage and film actor. Today we remember Luis Trenker on the anniversary of his 120th birthday.

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