Thursday, October 11, 2012


100 Rifles – U.S.A. title
Los cien rifles – Spanish title
100 pušek – Czechoslovakian title
100 rifler – Danish title
100 kivääriä – Finnish title
Sadan kiväärin voimin – Finnish title
Les 100 fusils – French title
100 Gewehre – German title
Ta 100 kivaaria – Greek title
Száz puska – Hungarian title
El Verdugo – Italian title
100 karabinów – Polish title
100 armas ao sol – Portuguese title
Viva Sarita! – Swedish title
Ölümden korkmayanlar – Turkish title

A 1969 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Marvin Schwartz Productions (Hollywood)]
Producer: Marvin Schwartz
Director: Tom Gries
Story: “The Californio” by Robert MacLeod
Screenplay: Tom Gries, Clair Huffaker
Cinematography: Cecilio Paniagua [DeLuxe Color]
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Running time: 110 minutes

Lydecker – Jim Brown
Sarita – Raquel Welch
Yaqui Joe Herrera – Burt Reynolds
General Verdugo – Fernando Lamas
General Romero – Akim Tamiroff
Steven Grimes – Dan O’Herlihy
Lieutenant Franz Von Klemme – Hans Gudegast
Humara – Michael Forest
Sergeant Paletes – Aldo Sambrell
Girl in hotel – Soledad Miranda
Padre Francisco – Alberto Dalbés
Lopez – Charly Bravo
Sarita’s father – José Manuel Martín
Indian boy – Lorenzo Lamas
Mexican Revolutionary leader – Sancho Gracia
Revolutionary – Paco Lizaro
With: Diego Lizaro, Antonio Ramos, Diego Hernandez, Diego Salvador

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century in Sonora, Mexico, an ethnic cleansing is being conducted by the Mexican government against the Yaqui Indians. Most of the Yaquis have already been deported to Southern regions and used as slaves, but small groups are continuing to resist the government. The story revolves around a deputy sheriff named Lydecker from Arizona, who accidentally becomes involved in the rebellion, when he crosses the border into Mexico to capture a half breed Yaqui Indian named Joe, who has robbed a bank and bought one hundred rifles with the loot to arm his people. The Yaquis are deported under the pretext that they slow the progress on a railroad. Lydecker is reluctant to join the Yaquis in their fight against the Federales, but falls for their fiery red-headed leader Sarita. The three unite to defeat the Federale forces run by General Verdugo and destroy the railroad run by Grimes.