Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Onesime on the Warpath

Onésime sur le sentier de guerre – French title
Onésime correspondant de guerre – French title
Onésime peau-rouge – French title
Onésime on the Warpath – English title

A 1913 French production [Gaumont (Paris)]
Producer: Jean Durand
Director: Jean Durand
Story: Jean Durand
Screenplay: Jean Durand
Cinematography: Paul Castanet [black & white]
Running time: 14 minutes

Onésime – Ernest Bourbon
Perno Gomez – Gaston Modot
Carmencita Olavacca – Berthe Dagmar (Blanch Harmon)

Onésime is in love with Carmencita Olavacca but is captured by the Indians. He is tied to the stake but when it is torched everything catches on fire and he escapes with Carmencita. They live happily ever after and have ten children.

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