Friday, October 19, 2012

Only Guilt Pulls More Triggers

 La culpa aprieta más gatillos – Spanish title
Only Guilt Pulls More Triggers – English title

A 2011 Spanish production [3+D Entertainment (Zaragoza)]
Producers: Pablo Aragüés, David Sancho
Director: Pablo Aragüés
Story: Pablo Aragüés
Screenplay: Pablo Aragüés
Cinematography: Juan de Padura [color, 3-D]
Music: Alvaro Aragüés (Alvaro Millán)
Song: “Gold” sung by Alvaro Aragüés (Alvaro Millán)
Running time: 10 minutes

Abel – David Sancho
Ruth – Kelly Thomas
Priest – Eus Barrera
Rider – William Miller
People at burial – Juana Rios, Lucia Remon, Saúl Gallego (Saúl Mateo)

Abel’s parents have died and he must take care of Ruth his wife and the family farm. But their lives are surprised by the return of his brother, who has been missing for more than twenty years when he went in search of fortune and glory and wanting to get away from their father, who never managed to understand. The brother, a gambler and adventurer, is quarrelsome and wants a share, according to him, of his inheritance.

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