Monday, October 8, 2012

Le grand retour du western!

 In 1899 near the Mexican border.

In a village named Sollima, seven men have settled, seven ‘Triggermen’, seven gunmen who decided to retire in this backwater town.

Meanwhile on the east coast, wealthy and influential businessmen, heads of the largest industries are meeting. They know that the new century will arrive soon and a new age will begin. A golden age. They have invited a journalist, Mr. Wilton to this meeting who they know as an old time journalist who has worked for many years for his newspaper. He tells them that their world is dying. The Indian wars are over and civil peace is in place. But businessmen see into the future. They hope to conduct their business in these lands and especially in Texas. And to settle there, they must end the way of the outlaws who are still living there. The army cannot act so they are seeking ideas.

Wilton has something in mind and actually in hand: they speak of these seven men, these seven retired killers. If you put prices on their heads for a large sum, many desperados and outlaws may go after them and given their reputation, it could make quite a fuss.

The businessmen accept this idea. In Sollima, the seven gunmen do not know what to expect ...

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