Friday, October 5, 2012


 Uno dopo l’altro – Italian title
Uno despues de otro – Spanish title
Adios caballero – Spanish title
L’un après l’autre – French title
Von Django – mit dem besten Empfehlungen – German title
Once onu… sonar seni – Turkish title
Coffins for 9 – English title
The Day After Tomorrow – English title
One After Another – English title
One After the Other – English title

A 1968 Italian, Spanish co-production [EuroAtlantica, Atlantica Cinematografica Produzione (Rome), Midega Film (Madrid)]
Producers: Marco Vicario, Bino Cicogna
Director: Nick Howard (Nicola Cicogna)
Story: Mariano de Lope, Nick Howard (Nicola Nostro)
Screenplay: Mariano de Lope, Nick Howard (Nicola Nostro), Simon O’Neil (Giovanni Simonelli), Carlos E. Rodriguez (Carlos Emilio Rodriguez)
Cinematography: Mario Pacheco (Mario de Usa) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Fred Bongusto (Alfredo Bongusto), Berto Pisano (Umberto Pisano)
Song: “My be One, May be Nine” sung by Fred Bongusto (Alfredo Bongusto)
Running time: 102 minutes

Stan Ross – Richard Harrison
Sabine – Pamela Tudor (Pamela Eddy)
Glenn  - Paul Stevens (Paolo Gozlino)
Colonel Jefferson – José Bodalo (José Zaffoli)
Tina – Jolanda Modio
Espartaco – José Manuel Martin (José Pérez)
Trent – Fortunato Arena
Frank – José Canalejas
Burt – Freddy Unger (Goffredo Unger)
Hud – Luis Barboo
Pablo – José Jaspe (José Rivas)
Miguel – Hugo Blanco (Hugo Galiasso)
Old man – Graham Sooty (Eugenio Galadini)
Espartaco’s women – Mirella Pamphili (Azzurra Pamphilli), Maria Saavedra
With: Dario Micheli (Dario Michaelis), Emilio Messina, Roberto Messina

The former Colonel Jefferson, in order to steal gold deposited by the area cattle ranchers, stages a robbery of their bank. Bill Ross, the cashier tries to stop the outlaws, but Jefferson kills him treacherously. Sometime later Stan Ross arrives in town and whose very interested in finding out the circumstances in which Ross has died. Jefferson makes him believe that the assault on the bank and killing of the cashier were the work of the gang of Espartero, but once he reach the bandit's lair, Stan discovers that the truth is quite different. When an ambush against Jefferson fails, he sends his men to destroy the Mexican village. After managing to convince Espartero of his innocence in the plot, Stan begins his revenge, killing one after another, the men who carried out the fake bank robbery. Meeting in a final duel Jefferson who he kills and recovers the stolen gold.


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