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Osceola – Die rechte Hand der Vergeltung – German title
Osceola der Indianerhauptling – German title
Osceola – Hungarian title
Оцеола - Russian
L’uomo chiamate Volpo Bianca – Italian title
Osceola – The Right Hand of Vengeance – English title
Osceola – English title

A 1970 East German, Bulgarian, Cuban co-production [DEFA (East Berlin), Kino-Zentrum (Sofia), Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematograficas (Havana)]
Producer: Dorothea Hildebrandt
Director: Konrad Petzold
Story: Hans-Joachim Wallstein
Screenplay: Gunter Karl, Walter Puschel
Cinematography: Hans Heinrich [Orwocolor]
Music: Wilhelm Neef
Songs: “Die Playgirls in der Yankee-Bar”, “Florida” sung by Bianca Cavallini
Running time: 109 minutes

Osceola – Gojko Mitic
William Raynes – Horst Schulze
Richard Moore – Jurie Darie
Gladys – Karin Ugowski
Zilla – Kati Bús
Rhea – Pepa Niolova
Che-Cho-Ter – Iskra Radewa
Benjamin – Aubrey Pankey
Robin – William Aniche
Black Panther – Touré Beubacar
Tom – Josef Quartey
Joshua – Almamy Soumaré
Governor – Gerry Wolff (Gerald Wolff)
Peggy Terry – Monika Woytowicz
Captain Stock – Kurt Kachlicki
Joe Hammer – Gerhard Rachold
General Thompson – Wolfgang Greese
Clinch – Bruno Carstens
Phipps – Werner Kanitz
Charlie Emathla – Daniel Kichev
Mikonopi – Stefan Peitschev
Arpeika – Ivan Dorin
Captain Flethcer – Predrag Milinkovic
Lieutenant – Jürgen Frohriep
Sergeant – Fritz Mohr
Machinist – Willi Neuehahn
Heizer – Frank Plange
Wirt – Bodo Schmidt
Saloon Singer – Etta Cameron
Drunken Farmer – Günter Schubert
Seminole – Iskra Apostelova
Young Second Lieutenant – Edkhard Bilz
Moore henchmen – Diawara Dramane, Gunter Herold
Zapfer – Heinz Frohlich
Festredner – Victor Keune
Bewaffneter – Otto Schroder
Bewacher – Erich Thiede
Reiter – Wilfried Zander (Wladimir Zschwiaraschwili)
Munitions officer – Heinz Laggies (Heinz Laggis)
Munitions carrier – Wilfried Pucher
Soldier – Klaus Schwarz
Cannon operator – Gunter Ringe
Farmers – Konrad Petzold, Werner Schmidt-Winkelmann
Narrator: Gerhard Nebauer

Florida 1830. Of all eastern Native American tribes, only the Seminoles have resisted being moved to reservations. Having retreated to Florida, they live a simple horticultural life, but white plantation owners, angry at the increasing numbers of black slaves fleeing to Seminole protection, want to take their land. Plantation owner Raynes, in particular, has convinced the military to wipe out the Seminoles. His rival Moore, a sawmill owner from the North who has a Seminole wife, is against slavery and considers it unprofitable. Chief Osceola sees the coming danger and tries to avoid provoking the whites, but cannot prevent the war that breaks out in 1835. To this day the Seminoles have not signed a peace treaty with the United States.


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