Wednesday, October 3, 2012


C’era una volta questo pazzo pazzo west – Italian title
Pazzo… pazzo West – Italian title
Les ravageurs de l’Ouest – French title
Il etait une fois, l’Ouest fou, fou, fou – French title
Era un loco Oeste – Spanish title
Aquel loco, loco Oeste – Spanish title
The Crucified Girls of San Ramon – English title
It was a Crazy Crazy West – English title
Once Upon a Time in the Wild Wild West – English title

A 1973 Italian production [Emat Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Enzo Matassi (Vincenzo Matassi)
Director: Eno Matassi (Vincenzo Matassi)
Story: Giuseppe Fontani
Screenplay: Francisco Degli Espinosa
Cinematography: Ugo Brunelli [Eastmancolor, Vistavision]
Music: Francesco Santucci
Song: “?” sung by Little Rita (Rita Pavone)
Running time: 89 minutes

Mike/Bill – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)
Rico – Vincent Scott (Vincenzo Matassi)
Joe – Dennis Colt (Benito Pacifico)
Enzo – Lucky MacMurray (Luciano Conti)
Dolores – Malisa Longo (Maria Longo)
Flo – Fiorella Magalotti
Chico – Pepe Pugliese (Alberto Pugliese)
Ma – Franca Scagnetti
Pa – Pino Frontani (Giuseppe Fontani)
Saloon girl – Dada Gallotti (Alba Gallotti)
Henchman – Franco Corso (Francesco Corso)
Girlfriend – Milena Morris
Pianist – Mauro Vestri
With: Attilio Tosato, Ignazio Bevilacqua

Joe and Rico are brothers who live together in a ramshackle hut with their crude, dirty parents. The brothers themselves are not too clean either and, furthermore, not given to much work, whiling away much of their time with brutal fisticuffs. Their shrewish mother, tired of seeing this, sends them away to Stranger Town, where they are to join their successful saloon-owner brother Mike/Bill in the hope that they make good. Two pretty saloon girls unaccountably fall for the pair but after Mike/Bill loses all of his money in a game of cards and the brothers return home and back to square one and are once again fighting it out.


  1. Matassi is not Degli Espinosa. Matassi is born 1933/3/3; Degli Espinosa 1933/12/19 and died June 2006), according to my references.

  2. Thanks Fatman, changes noted and made.

  3. The actor Vincent Scott .... is Vincenzo Matassi (director) in person.
    It has been used a pseudonym for obvious reasons!
    Espinosa is of another person.

  4. Thanks for the correction. Noted and changed.