Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday Luc Moullet

 Luc Moullet was born on October 14, 1937 in St. Cyrice, Paris, Île de France, France. Luc is what the French call “un original”; his is an offbeat, quirky talent. In the French audiovisual landscape, there is no one else quite like him. Along with Jean Eustache and Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, he belongs to the second wave of the French New Wave. Of that second wave, he was the first to start making films. But, of the three, he is probably the least well known, even in France. Over a nearly fifty-year period, he has forged a unique filmography, with, as Jean Narboni rightly notes, many memorable titles. Working mostly in the comic vein, Moullet has flouted traditional wisdom by alternating short and longer films and working in a variety of genres. Still, his films have not always exported easily, perhaps in part because he’s a sociologist of contemporary France and his films often remain very “franco-français”. Fortunately, Blaq Out in Paris (2) has published a DVD box set of his films, with English subtitles, which is helping Moullet reach a wider audience outside of France. Moullet wrote, directed and appeared in one Euro-western “A Girl is a Gun” (1971). Today we celebrate Luc Moullet’s 75th birthday.

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