Monday, October 15, 2012

2nd Almeria Western Film Festival Wrap-Up
By J. 

 On Saturday with the awards and honors concluded the Second Almeria Western Film festival ended. An improved version compared to last year, but that will certainly improve again and again in future editions.

The winning film this year was SAL, a Chilean film starring Fele Martinez and directed by Diego Rougier in Chile and Barcelona scenarios.

The Audience Award went to THE LEGEND OF HELL'S GATES directed by Tanner Beard, who was at the closing gala with actor Russell Cummings.

Both exhibitions at the Theatre of the acts in Tabernas and Fort Bravo have greatly increased the presence of a public interested in the Western and Almería, coming from various parts of the world such as Australia, Japan, North America, U.K., Germany, etc. .. Even as a minority too a specific gender, the western has its audience and for many years, Almería had to create a festival like this.

In addition to screenings, the festival had a couple of forums in the Fort Bravo Saloon on filming in the province and soundtracks. A route by the Cabo de Gata sites most used in the shootings of some classic Spaghetti Western films. An outdoor cinema where every night a couple of classic movies of the genre were projected. We also got to see a video tribute to the late Frank Brana, who shared his last months with us at last year’s festival.

Among the VIP guests at the event we can talk about Nadia Lanfranconi, singer, model and actress who possibly next year will be contesting with a film in the festival. We were delighted with two acoustic songs. Actor Robert Amstler which has two western projects in his portfolio that you will soon be able to see. Rene Perez, director of the two aforementioned actors is currently filming a pilot to try and carry out a western series western which will be filmed here in Almeria.

Lenore Andriel, the protagonist of Yellow Rock, a film submitted but was not awarded a prize, was very friendly with the public and will also work under the command of Rene Perez in the series OUTLAWS & ANGELS. Raymond Isenberg who was also here last year and will likely be in another western soon because of the success of the western fantasy THE SCARLET WORM shown last year with Dan Van Husen.

Eric Mache came from New York City and works at Wild East Productions, a company dedicated to re-editing Spaghetti western movies and European Horror films, is also an illustrator, photographer and even an actor in some films.

Along with Eric Mache, Ulrich Bruckner also received an award from the festival and is a writer who looks back on two books he’s written about the Euro-Western, and he also re-edits old Euro-Western movies at his company Koch Media. Also appearing was Filippo De Masi, son of Italian composer Francesco De Masi.

The jury consisted of Dan van Husen repeating this year in Almeria, Antonio Mayans, Anita Haas, Carlos Aguilar and actor Gianni Garko, famous for his role as Sartana in several Spaghetti western movies.

Other awards were presented as the prize PREMIO TABERNAS to Sara Montiel for her contribution to the genre, Ricardo Palacios was given an honorary award, he sent a video message after he could not come because of health reasons. In the festival's official website you can see all these video messages.

From Almeriaclips thanks to all who have made this possible, and to keep repeating for years. Thank you!.

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