Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Short Film Release

 Black Hill – International title

A 2012 British, Spanish co-production [Blue Ridge Film Group (Coventry)]
Producer: Tim March, Steven Ringrose
Director: James Peakman
Story: James Peakman
Screenplay: James Peakman
Cinematography: Anthony Meadley [color]
Music: Tony Agar
Running time: 23 minutes

Rose - Tonia Daley-Campbell
Red - Tom McCarron
Bandit leader – Jim Peakman
Bandits – Dale Driver, Steve Ringrose

Set in the American West at the time of the Civil War, Red (a confederate soldier) collapses as a result of been stranded for days alone in the desert. Taken into safety by Rose (a mute, black lady) Red is initially hostile and wary of her, letting his prejudices take over.

As time passes, Red learns of his misconceptions and accepts Rose for who she is. However, Red’s past catches up with him, and he is forced to choose between his new life and his past.

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