Friday, December 30, 2011

New Film Release

Birth of a Legend: Billy the Kid & The Lincoln County War – U.K. title

A 2011 British production [BTK Productions, Wilkinson Productions (Bucks)]
Producer: Andrew A. Wilkinson
Director: Andrew A. Wilkinson
Story: Frederick Nolan
Screenplay: Andrew A. Wilkinson, Frederick Nolan
Cinematographer: Stuart Nicholas White [color]
Music: Scott P. Wilkinson
Running time: 85 minutes

Story: Billy the Kid and his participation in the Lincoln County War.

Billy the Kid – Robert Shrimplin
John Chisum – David Morley
James Dolan – Robert Madeley
Alexander McSween – Nick Murphy
John Tunstall – Shane Armstrong
Billy Morton – Tommy Johnsson
Doctor – Cliff Bendall
Judge Wilson – Alan Bucksey
Jesse Evans – Dan Potts
Tom Hill – Mikael Brolin
Judge Bristol – Robert Murdock
Robert Widenmann – Elias Wahlund
Sheriff Barrier – Sean O’Neill
Santa Fe Ring members – David Austin, Adrian Bowd, Michael Fitzgerald, Julian McDowell
Riders – Peter Lundberg, Bengt-Goran Piledahl, Tony Skoglund, Moreno Soderlund
Bar Keep – Kevin O’Reilly
Mourner – Mary Robinson
Lincoln Ladies – Cath Shrimplin, Emma Warren-Thomas, Sarah Warren-Thomas
Padre – Michael Smith
Reporter – James Thompson
Maid – Jessica White

Based on a story by historian Frederick Nolan the world renowned expert on Billy the Kid the true story of Billy the Kid and his participation in the Lincoln County War was filmed in Sweden. Part Two which will cover Billy after the war was over and his death at the hands of Sheriff Pat Garrett is waiting for financial backing before production can begin.

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