Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Calabria Film Festival

 Wednesday, December 14th at 5 p.m. in Vibo Valentia, inside Palazzo Gagliardi and at the fourth edition of Calabria Film Festival, Claudia Cardinale, opens the exhibition "Once upon a time the Italian Western. Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood and the Spaghetti Western. "
An exhibition traces the history of the Italian western in a period covering nearly a decade (1964 - 1974), highlighting above all the westerns of Sergio Leone, not just those directed by him but also those made and produced in Italy. Among the exhibit are unpublished photographs, stills and fotobuste posters divided into a total of 80 specimens: 40 black and white photographs of 40 posters, original posters and fotobuste (all colors).
To illustrate further the importance of this genre at that time, which despite being directed to a popular audience, were done by the hands of directors, actors and actresses of great prestige, the exhibition will feature some of the actors and authors of the most important in Italian and international cinema.
The film festival and exhibit continues until December 17th.

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