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Uccidete Johnny Ringo – Italian title
Draeb Johnny Ringo – Danish title
Tuez Johnny Ringo – French title
Matad a Johnny Ringo – Spanish title
Jag dodade Johnny Ringo – Swedish title
Serseri Kursun – Turkish title
Kill Johnny Ringo – English title

A 1965 Italian production [La Cine Associati (Rome)]
Producer: Luciano Vincenti
Director: Frank G. Carroll (Gianfranco Baldanello)
Story: Arpad de Riso, Henry Wilson (Nino Scolaro)
Screenplay: : Arpad de Riso, Henry Wilson (Nino Scolaro)
Cinematography: Marc Lane (Marcello Masciocchi) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Pippo Caruso (Giuseppe Caruso)
Song: “How Long is the Night” sung by Greta Polyn
Running time: 95 minutes

Johnny Ringo – Brett Halsey (Charles Hand)
Annie – Greta Polyn
Sheriff Parker/Victor Mellin – Lee Burton (Guido Lollobrigida)
Ray Scot – Nino Fuscagni (Serafino Fuscagni)
David Jackson – James Harrison (Angelo Desideri)
Whiskey Pete – Frank Gulas (Franco Gula)
Christine Scott – Barbara Loy (Maria Gentilini)
Jose – William Bogart (Guglielmo Spoletini)
Piano player – Pippo Caruso (Giuseppe Caruso)
With: William Burke (Attilio Dottesio), Fred Schenntrens (Federico Chentrens), Guy Gallay, Mike Moore (Amadeo Trilli), Antonio Menna, Agostino De Simone, Ugo Carboni, Consalvo Dell’Arti, Rod Smith, Fausto Signoretti (Faustone Signoretti), Gualtiero Isnenghi, Dick Randall (Irving Reuben), Franco Castellani

Johnny Ringo a Texas Ranger, was given the job by the State Department to unmask a mysterious organization counterfeiters. The only clue: some 15 years before Victor Mellin, an employee of the Federal Bank, disappeared, taking with him two $10.00 molds. Ringo in disguise arrives in Eagle Pass, a town on the border with Mexico, where it is suspected that the carrying out of the sale of counterfeit money is taking place. A saloon owner, Jackson, toys with Ringo, trying to give him some of the counterfeit notes. The ranger detects this and starts a fight with Jackson's henchmen, arrested by the sheriff, he places Ringo in jail. Ringo shows the sheriff his identification. Meanwhile, Jackson, realizing that the young Ray Scott is tries to convince Annie, the lead singer of the saloon, to escape with him to Mexico. A young Mexcan threatens to publicly tell that he knows about Jackson's organization. Although wounded, he manages to escape from town. A ruthless manhunt for the bandits begins but the fugitive Mexican finds in Ringo an insurmountable obstacle. The ranger cannot let the posse capture the only person who could blame the forger and his accomplices. After ups and downs Ringo manages to expose all the components of the organization and find out that the sheriff is Victor Mellin, the forger.

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  1. Brett Halsey is one of my favorite actors. I would love to meet him. He was also known as Montgomery Ford for a while but he claims that he absolutely hates that name. He is related to Admiral Bull Halsey and therefore took that name as his stage name as that is his surname. Which is funny because I got a phone call one time asking if I was David Scott. I wasn't but I went with it anyway. Who knows? I might just use that name one of these days. I just hope I don't get in trouble. But Brett Halsey is even cooler. Because let's face it. Nobody wants to work with you when your real name is Charles Oliver Hand. But then again at 89 years old, Brett Halsey doesn't even notice. He's too busy being Brett. And for that, we love him. Keep up the good work, Brett. You know we love it.