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Requiescant – Italian title
Dio crea gli uomini Requiscant li uccide – Italian title
Requiescant – una bibbia… una colt… un massacre – Italian title
Mögen sie in Frieden ruhen – German title
Mögenn sie in Frieden ruh’n – Galgenkid – German title
Que en paz descansen – Columbian title
En hævner renser ud – Danish title
Tue at fais ta priere – French title
Requiesscant, tel etait son nam – French title
To telos ton paranomon – Greek title
Nyugodjanak békében – Hungarian title
Requiem para un deslmado – Spanish title
Ensam Hamnare – Swedish title
Sev ve öldür – Turkish title
Kill and Say Your Prayers – English title
Let Them Rest – English title
Kill and Pray – English title

A1967 Italian, German co-production [Casatoro, Instituto Luce (Rome), Tefi Film (Munich)]
Producer: Carlo Lizzani, Ernst R. von Theumer (Ernst Ritter von Theumer)
Director: Carlo Lizzani
Story: Franco Bucceri (Gianfranco Bucceri), Arnold Elias, Renato Izzo, Frank Mills
Screenplay: Lucio Battistrada, Andrew Bacter, Adriano Bolzoni, Armanco Crispino
Dialogue: Dennis Greene, Edward Williams [English dialogue]
Cinematography: Alexander Clark (Alessandro Mancori) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Roger Higgins (Riziero Ortolani)
Running time: 110 minutes

Requiescant – Lou Castel (Ulv Quarzell)
George Bellow Ferguson – Mark Damon (Alan Herskovitz)
Don Juan – Pier Paolo Pasolini
Burt – Franco Citti
Klein – Jacques Stany
Tom Bowman/Hollman – Peter Jacob (Pietro Ceccarelli)
Princy – Barbara Frey (Barbara Freyde)
Gambler – Spartaco Conversi
Lo – Liz Barrett (Luisa Barrato)
Edith – Mirella Maravidi
Mute – Nino Musco
Marta – Lorenzo Guerrieri
Judge – Victor Duse (Vittorio Duse)
Father Jeremy – Ferrucio Viotti
Dean Light – Renato Terra (Renato Caizzi)
Leonardo – Massimo Sarchielli
Billy – Henry Danby (Hermann Nehlsen)
Bartender – Aldo Marianecci
Brother visitor – Ennio Antonelli
Ferguson’s guest – Fulvio Mingozzi
Stagecoach driver – Attilio Severini
Bandit – Mauro Mannatrizio
Trumpeter – Nino Davoli (Giovanni Davoli)
With: Rossana Krisman (Rossana Martini), Anna Carrer, Annibale Danovi (Pier Annibale Danovi), Ivan Scratuglia, Mary Ellen Maxwell, Frank Clay, Frank Brana, Francisco Perez), Charles Palmset (Carlo Paolucci), Sam Mitchell, Paulette Gambit, Peter Weissberg, John Casan, Robert Milton, Arnold Reynolds, Max Gunther, Art Mandel

  At Fort Hernandez, San Antonio, a group of Mexican villagers are betrayed by Confederate soldiers led by aristocratic officer George Bellow Ferguson and they are all massacred. After the massacre, a young boy, Requiescant, wanders in the desert but is rescued by Father Jeremy who is traveling with his wife and daughter in his wagon. The boy is raised like a son and when he grows-up; Requiescant is very close to his stepsister Princy. One day, the rebellious Princy leaves her family, and joins a traveling theater company. Requiescant promises his foster family he’ll find Princy and bring her back home. Along his journey, Requiescant proves that he has great skill with a six-gun. When he arrives in San Antonio, he finds that the town belongs to Ferguson. He goes to a saloon and finds that Princy has become a prostitute pimped by Ferguson's henchman, the gunslinger Dean Light. Requiescant asks Ferguson to let Princy go with him, but the boss of the town refuses to release her. When Requiescant learns that he is actually a Mexican and the fate of his family, he decides to help the priest Don Juan start an uprising against Ferguson.

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  1. "Brother Visitor" is on a very earthly trip, I think... he's a brothel visitor, njet?