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…altrimenti vi ammucchiamo – Italian title
Kung-Fu nel pazzo West – Italian title
I fratelli del kung fu – Italian title
Long hu zheng – Hong Kong title
Lung foo ching sai Hong Kong – Chinese title
2 Chinois dans l’ouest – French title
Winchester, kung fu et Karate – French title
Man from Golden City – English title
Golden City – English title
Master Killers – English killers
Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West – U.S.A. title

A 1973 Hong Kong, Italian co-production [Golden Harvest, Yangtze Films (Hong Kong), Eureka International (Rome)]
Producers: Yeo Ban Yee (Man Yi Yang), Edoard Sarlui
Director: George Bang (Man Yi Yang)
Story: Ngai Hon (Ni Kuang), Tu Lung Li, Carlo Mancori
Screenplay: Ngai Hon (Ni Kuang), Tu Lung Li, Carlo Mancori
Cinematography: Albert Young (Hsun Yang), Manuel Ruiz [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Franco Bracardi
Running time: 90 minutes

Steve/Blonde/Angel – William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Don – Donald O’Brien (Donal O’Brien)
Chen – Jason Pai Piao (Liu Kuo-yung)
King Dragon – Kao Kang Thompson (Thompson Kao Kang)
Treccia Torneo – Tang Chin Ho
Ellen – Rose Marie Lindt (Rosemarie Lindt)
Ling Chou – Winnie Pei Nei
Martial arts students – Tony Liu Jun-Guk (Wang Chun Yeung), Ang Saan
Outlaw – Attilio Dottesio
with: Po Chih Leo (Liang Puzhi), Sally Leh (Sa La Leh), Joe Chan, Wu Choon Hu, Tang Kwoksze (Tong Kwok-Si), Chin-Ku Lu, Zhang Fei, Lee Wang-Chung

  The story takes place in the Old West and the Far East. After a Kung-Fu fighter runs away from a fight, his opponent goes in search of the man. This leads the Chinese man to the Old West, where the two team-up against a gang of cowboy thugs. The two Kung-Fu fighters turn out to be brothers. They both become involved in other unpleasant situations and meet new friends, and the love of a woman. When their teacher arrives from China the two must either fight each other or go against the Samurai.


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  1. Another great title for this film would be "Crouched Tiger, Hidden Cowboy". LOL