Saturday, December 17, 2011


Dio non paga il sabato – Italian title
I desperados – Italian title
Il prezzo del oro – Spanish title
Dieu ne paie pas le Samedi – French title
Die sich in Fetzen schiessen – German title
Skotone tous kakous – Greek title
Gud har sista kulan – Swedish title
God Doesn’t Pay on Saturday – English title
Kill the Wickeds – English title
Kill the Wicked! – English title

A 1967 Italian, Spanish co-production [Danny Film, R.K. Cinematografica (Rome), Coperfilm
Producer: Marcello Luchetti, Zeliko Kunkera, Eduardo Manzanos
Director: Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Story: Amerigo Anton (Camillo Boccia)
Screenplay: Mike Ashley (Emminio Pontiroli)
Cinematography: Giuseppe Aquari [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: A.F. Lavagnino (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Song: “The Price of Gold” sung by Roberto Matano
Running time: 92 minutes

Wyatt/Randall – Robert Mark (Roger Francke)
Lam/Benny Hudson – Larry Ward
Braddock – Men Fury (Furio Meniconi)
Judy/Mary Masterson – Maria Silva (Maria Rodriguez)
Shelley – Daniela Igliozzi
Molly Verner – Vivi Gioi (Vivienne Trumpy)
Laglen/Lester – Max Dean (Massimo Righi)
With: Luis Perrin, Jose Bastida, Howard Beniconi, Paolo Natale, Franco Daddi

Braddock is about to be hanged for his crimes when a band of men, headed by two of his lieutenants, frees him. The three, after having killed the other members of the band steal a box full of money and hide it in an abandoned town along with Braddock’s woman Shelley. They hide the treasure in bale of straw but they are seen by an old woman, Molly Verner, who lives in the town. The band comes upon a woman Mary and a man who has stopped to help her in the desert. Both are tied up and the man, Benny Hudson is tortured to see if they are part of a larger group of people. The man manages to break free and, aided by the old woman, begins a battle unwittingly aided by one of the bandits, Randall, who was abandoned after he was injured. He has returned seeking revenge on Braddock. All are killed while the woman and the man leave the town in flames leaving the money which has been the source of the violence put upon them.



  1. Nice! But, that photo is from KILL OR BE KILLED, not KILL THE WICKED. Robert Mark doesn't wear a poncho like that in KILL THE WICKED.

  2. Nailed by an expert. I've corrected the photo and replaced it with a correct still from the film.

  3. What's the relation with "Matalo!". I found it very similiar.

    Pedro Pereira

  4. "Matalo" was a remake of this film. The stories are almost identical.

  5. That explains it all. Thanks!

    Pedro Pereira